Cathodic Protection Measuring Station

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Destinied to monitor cathodic protection with magnesium electrodes.

Measurement of protection parameters.

Setting the ranges for the correct polarity.

Measurement of switching-off potential.

Large, easy-to-read display.

Power supply from single-phase 230Vac 50Hz network.




and technical data


SOLLICH 1911 CPMS – CATHODIC PROTECTION MEASURING STATION – is used to monitor the parameters of cathodic protection based on galvanic electrodes, e.g. Mg or Mg-Al electrodes.

SOLLICH 1911 CPMSCathodic Protection Measuring Station – performs cyclical measurements of the structure’s polarization current and its potential in relation to the reference electrode.

If no reference electrode is installed, the potential indicator shows a value close to 0 mV.

By breaking the circuit by pressing the CURRENT OFF button, the station measures the switching-off potential of the structure.

The device has a built-in LED diode indicating whether the potential of the structure is within the range of proper protection potentials.

SOLLICH 1911 CPMS Measuring Station – is produced in two power supply versions:

  • powered from the + 12Vdc direct current power supply connected to the 0V and + Us terminals
  • powered from 230V- 50Hz mains, connected to L and N terminals

The station has terminals for connecting the current and potential circuit of the installation:  -/K ;  Eo ;  +/A 

The SOLLICH 1911 CPMS measuring station has two built-in meters:

  • upper – millivoltmeter for potential measurement, marked with the symbol mV
  • lower – milliammeter for measuring the polarization current, marked with the mA symbol.

On the right side of the front plate, at the bottom, there is a button for interrupting the current in the protection circuit, CURRENT SWITCHING OFF. Pressing this button disconnects the current circuit so that the polarization current of the structure does not flow.

In the lower left part of the faceplate there is a 3-color LED signaling the correctness of the protection potential.

The station has two built-in regulators E_lo and E_hi, located on the side of the housing, used to set the range of correct protection.

The SOLLICH 1911 CPMS station has measurement outputs located on the top of the housing, on the right side.

The COM terminal is the terminal in relation to which analog signals measurements are made.

The Uhi output terminal is used to measure the limit of high protection potential

The Ulo output terminal is used to measure the limit of low protection potential,

The Eo output terminal is used to measure the potential of the structure.

The Ui output terminal is used to measure the voltage proportional to the polarization current.

SOLLICH 1911 CPMS has separated logic outputs – GND; OFF; OK ; AL – to send information about the structure protection status to external signaling devices, located outside the installation box, eg SOLLICH 1913 ESI.

Technical Data

  • Designed to monitor cathodic protection with galvanic electrodes.
  • Measurement of protection parameters I_pol and E_on and
  • Large, easy-to-read display.
  • DC voltage supply: +12… +24 V, or from single-phase 230Vac 50Hz network
  • Current consumption approx. 35 mA @ 12Vdc
  • Factory default limit values: Ulo = 800 mV, Uhi = 1400 mV
  • DIN rail mounting.
  • Width 53mm.
  • Adjust the range of indication for good protection.
  • Separated output signals for remote signaling of protection status.

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