Cathodic Protection Connector

Cathodic Protection Connector

The cathodic protection system work control connector with the PT socket.

Application in cathodic protection installations operating in the range up to 24Vdc / 3A.


and technical data


Application of the SOLLICH 1604 CPC-PT3 connector

The SOLLICH 1604 CPC-PT3 cathodic protection system control socket – CATHODIC PROTECTION CONNECTOR is used to connect measuring instruments measuring current parameters, potentials and voltages as well as cathodic protection efficiency, without disconnecting protection circuits from the cathodic protection station.

SOLLICH 1604 CPC-PT3 – CATHODIC PROTECTION CONNECTOR is a device mounted between a protected structure and electrodes of protective circuits, and a cathodic protection station.

The cathodic protection system control socket makes it possible to disconnect protective circuits in order to measure the protection current, the protection potential at the current protection current as well as when the current is turned off.

The socket allows temporary disconnection of the protected structure from the CP station.

The disconnection of the protection current and the structure is made by electric signals connected to the input socket.

Device functions

  • No power consumption during operation,
  • Low power consumption during measurements with external devices,
  • Enables automatic precision measurements,
  • Easy installation on a DIN rail, simple commissioning, easy operation.

Technical data

1The voltage of the K-A circuit  (-/K  -> +/A)V024
2Range of protection currentsA03
3Coil relay voltageV4,56
4Anode disconnect relay currentmA5060
5Dimensions width x height x depthmm35 x 90 x 70
6Weightkg.about 0,15
7Ambient temperature°C-20+60
8Maximum relative humidity of the environment%   95

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