Sollich CPM-reader
Basic software for Cathodic Protection Station

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Basic software for Cathodic Protection Station produced by ATLAS-SOLLICH ZSE.

  • Local monitoring of CPS operation from a PC level.
  • Creating a results database of Customers.
  • Storage of current and historical results.
  • Management of the results database.
  • Review and analysis of CPS work results and recorded alarms in tabular form.


and technical data


The Sollich CPM-reader program is intended in particular for the use of services controlling the operation of the cathodic protection system on a given object (structure) and documenting the operation of this system.

The Sollich CPM-reader program enables:

  • Establishing the Location database of CP systems,
  • Generating new Objects covered by the CP system in a given location,
  • Reading of the measurement results collected at the CP stations of ATLAS-SOLLICH ZSE.

The results are stored in the non-volatile memory of the station cyclically, at every defined time interval and in situations of changing the settings programming the station’s operation or in emergency situations.  All the results stored in the memory or the last unread results can be read.

These data contain information about the current, at the time of registration, protection potential, protection current and voltage between the object and the anode, as well as identify the mode of operation of the station and events that occurred during operation.

Data read from the station is saved in a text file on a computer with the extension .rst.

The results saved to the file can be viewed in the form of a text table, presented graphically using Excel, or viewed graphically using the Sollich CPM programmer program. The exact description of the registered results is presented in the Sollich CPM-reader Program Manual.

Connecting the device with the computer

Communication of SOLLICH 1403 CPM station is possible after connecting it to the computer with the necessary cabling for this purpose:

  • SOLLICH 1499 USB-RS –  USB to RS485 converter,
  • SOLLICH 1498 RSCRS485 communication socket, or
  • Kabel RS v.DB09-WZ03  – adapter of RS COMM RS485 socket of SOLLICH 1403 CPM station to converter socket, or
  • Kabel RS v.DB09-LZ04  – adapter of RS COMM RS485 socket to CP station of ATLAS-SOLLICH ZSE, to converter socket.

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