SOLLICH 1277 SOB is a modern microprocessor-controlled electronic device designed to automatic service of NiCd batteries applied in aviation of manufacturers like: Varta, Marathon and Saft.


and technical data


The SOLLICH 1277 SOB station was put into production in 2014. It is a modernized version of the ATLAS 0477 SOB station.
The SOLLICH 1277 SOB station has universal and predefined service programs dedicated to the aviation batteries of such companies as: Varta, Saft, Marathon, HBL, CLAiO, Sunlight, Concorde, Gill and UEC-Russia, at the same time allows the user to program the operating parameters of other types of batteries listed manufacturers.
Among the many types of aircraft batteries serviced by the Station, the most frequently used ones should be mentioned: SAFT 2778-1, SAFT 26108-7, MARATHON GP-180/38, MARATHON TSP-283, VARTA F20 / 25H1C-T2, VARTA F20 / 25H1CT-R,
VARTA F20 / 27H1C-M1, HBL 20NKBN25-U3, CLAiO 20KSX25P, Sunlight 12CAM28,
UEC-Rus 20NKBN25-U3, 15SCS45.
The device allows you to configure operational algorithms and adapt them to support also other alkaline and acid batteries. Operating procedures for individual types of batteries are developed based on technical descriptions
and consumables published by battery manufacturers.
The operation of the device is simple by using a user-friendly communication interface prompting the selection of subsequent service activities.
The device has the ability to work in the Atlas ABE system – Atlas Aircraft Battery Engineering in which the PC registers and records the course of the battery service process.
SOLLICH 1277 SOB station is powered from 230V / 50Hz single-phase network.

Device functions

Functions of the device

  • Realization of the procedures for handling the company’s airline batteries:
    • VARTA
    • SAFT
    • GILL
    • HBL – India
    • UEC – Russia
    • CLAiO – Poland
  • Option to program user parameters for other types of batteries.
  • Charging the batteries.
  • Battery discharge.
  • Battery capacity measurement.
  • Battery temperature measurement.
  • Battery voltage measurement.
  • Cell voltage measurement (automatic or manual measurement).
  • Print a service report on a thermal printer.
  • Work in the system Atlas ABE – Atlas Aircraft Battery Engineering. Programming parameters and registration the process of operation gi on a PC and save it to a file in the database.

Technical data

Maximum charge voltage:37,5 V
Maximum charge current:40 A
Maximum discharge current:60 A
Minimum charge-discharge current:1 A
Maximum number of cells in battery:21 pcs.

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