ATLAS 0176
Battery Load Tester

ATLAS 0176 TOB, Battery Current Load Tester is the instrument destined to the measurement of voltage on clamps of the battery, during the flow of discharge current. It is applicable in measurements of the Ni-Cd batteries, Ag-Zn batteries and Pb batteries, with rated voltage of 12V or 24V.

The current load value is programmable by switches on the front panel of the instrument.


and technical data

Device functions

  • Setting of loading current value before starting of measuring process.
  • Measurement of battery voltage without load.
  • Current loading of battery clamps for 5 seconds period.
  • Measurement of battery voltage under current load with set current value.
  • Measured battery voltage value is being saved at the end of current loading period.

Technical data

Maximum voltage value of tested battery:35 V
Minimum voltage value of tested battery:8,5 V
Range of current load adjustment for nominal voltage value = 12V:0,5 to 50 A
Range of current load adjustment for nominal voltage value = 24V:1 to 100 A
Loading type:resistive

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