Korozymetr Rezystancyjny

The resistance corrosion meter is a portable measuring device that is used to determine corrosion losses and the corrosion rate of metals in industrial facilities using the resistive corrosimetry technique.

Range of resistance measurement:
1 – 600 mΩ

Resistance ratio measurement error:

Rr/Rc ≤ 0,1%

Operating time on battery supply:
about 6 hours of continuous work


and technical data


The ATLAS 1001 ERCM corrosion meter is a portable measuring device that is used to determine corrosion losses and the corrosion rate of metals in industrial installations using the resistive corrosion technique.


The method consists in equipping the monitored objects with appropriately selected resistance sensors, which gradually increase their electrical resistance as a result of the corrosion processes taking place. By tracking changes in resistance over time, the corrosion progress can be accurately determined.


The measurements are performed in a comparative system, i.e. the increase in the resistance of the corrosive element (Rc), exposed to the aggressive environment, is measured in relation to the resistance of the reference element (Rr) protected against such an impact. The device is destined for measurements both in field and laboratory conditions. In particular, the device’s functions enable the monitoring of the corrosion risk and the effectiveness of cathodic protection of steel underground structures, such as pipelines, tanks and other industrial facilities.

The resistance corrosion meter is offered in a set, which includes:

  • Transport case
  • Measuring cable
  • Communication cable
  • USB -> RS485 converter
  • Charger
  • Standard Corrosimetric Resistor WRK5

Device functions

The ATLAS 1001 ERCM microprocessor-controlled portable corrosion meter is an autonomous meter that enables the performance of a user-programmed measurement session. It includes:

  • testing and auto-calibration of the device before taking measurements
  • selection of the type of the corrosimetric sensor from among the registered domestic and foreign sensors or the definition and introduction to the register of a new sensor
  • performance of a series of high accuracy measurements of the resistance of the corrosive element (Rc) and reference (Rr) of the connected sensor
  • mathematical analysis of a series of measurement results and determination of the average values of the resistances Rc and Rr, the ratio of both resistances and the standard deviation
  • presentation of measurement results with the possibility of saving in the internal memory of the corrosion meter
  • calculation of the corrosion loss in μm and the corrosion rate in μm/year
  • erasing recently saved data
  • viewing previously recorded results with the possibility of calculating corrosion losses and corrosion rates
  • setting the operating parameters of the device in the advanced mode

Technical data

Zakres pomiaru rezystancji1 ¸ 600 mΩ
Błąd pomiaru stosunku rezystancji Rr/Rc≤ 0,1 %
Maksymalna rozdzielczość10 nΩ
Wyświetlacz LCD8 linii x 20 znaków
Maks. Ilość rejestrowanych czujników999
Pojemność pamięci6999 wyników
Zakres temperatury-10°C ¸ +40°C
Czas trwania pomiaruok. 18 s w trybie FASTok. 48 s w trybie BEST
Pobór prądu po włączeniu150 mA
Pobór prądu w trakcie pomiaru rezystancji400 mA
ZasilanieAkumulator  7,3 V
Typ akumulatoraLi-Ion 2600 mAh
Czas pracy na akumulatorach wewnętrznych4 ÷ 5 godz.
Wymiary obudowy urządzenia210 x 110 x 40 mm
Masa (bez ładowarki i kabla pomiarowego)510 g

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