Sollich CPM
A comprehensive program for the CP Station.

Software for Cathodic Protection Stations made by ATLAS-SOLLICH ZSE.

  • Local and remote monitoring of CPS work with PC level.
  • Creating a customer base and storing current and historical results.
  • Parameter programming and reading of current results when starting the cathodic protection installation.
  • Reviewing and analyzing the results of CPS work and recorded alarms in the form of:
  1. tabular,
  2. graphic runs,
  3. statistical charts.


and technical data


The Sollich CPM program is intended in particular for the use of installers and service technicians of cathodic protection systems based on ATLAS-SOLLICH ZSE devices, , installing a protection system and programming the operating parameters of such a system.

Program Sollich CPM allows:

  • implementation of functions of the Sollich CPM-reader program,
  • easy programming of all station operation parameters, without the use of programming buttons located on the front panel,
  • turn on / off the “potential range control” in the following intervals: BELOW – IN THE RANGE – ABOVE,
  • easy setting of the “Potential range control” ranges BELOW – IN THE RANGE – ABOVE,
  • setting the communication parameters of the CP station operating in the multi-station system,
  • synchronization of the RTC clock time of the station with the computer time,
  • reading current measurement results of current values;
    – protection potential,
    – protection current,
    – voltage between the object and the anode,
    – values of the programmed settings,
    – STATUS value in which the alarm states are encoded.

Data read from the station is saved in a text file on a computer with the extension .rst.

The results saved to the file can be viewed in the form of a text table, presented graphically using Excel, or viewed graphically using the Sollich CPM program.

A detailed description of the registered results is presented in the Sollich CPM Program Manual.

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