Cathodic Protection Station

Cathodic Protection Station with increased output current.

Programming the current value by means of a potentiometer.

Display of measured parameters.

U: 12 – 24 Vdc

RS 485 communication interface.

Energy efficiency up to 96%.


and technical data


The SOLLICH 1607 CATHODIC PROTECTION STATION  is a device intended for the cathodic protection of metal and reinforced concrete structures. This protection consists in providing the appropriate protection potential of the structure by forcing current in the anode system – a protected construction.

The device maintains a constant Ip protection current value during operation, and enables measurement of the cathodic protection current and measurement of the protection potential of the structure against the reference electrode Eo.

The Cathodic Protection Station works in a four-electrode system with an Eo reference electrode or in a two-electrode system without this electrode. The cathode – / K is connected to the protected structure.

CP (cathodic protection) station enables temporary power off with the CurrOFF button.

The SOLLICH 1607 CPS station makes it possible to implement the described task by continuously adjusting the set Ip protection current using a potentiometer.

SOLLICH 1607 CPS station is designed to work with all kinds of underground and ground steel structures to protect them against corrosion.

Cechy urządzenia

  • Operation in galvanostatic mode – regulated power source
  • Current forcing continuously, uninterrupted
  • Infinitely variable potentiometer,
  • Automatic display of parameters work,
  • Built-in accurate and interference-resistant measuring systems,
  • Analogue-digital implementation of control and control systems,
  • LCD display with backlight enabling view in the dark,
  • Opportunity to cooperate with the Sollich CPM program,
  • Information about the current state of work, alarm signals,
  • High energy efficiency,
  • Made in accordance with the electromagnetic compatibility directive EMC,
  • Wide operating temperature range,
  • Simple DIN rail installation,
  • Simple commissioning, easy operation.

Technical data

Output current Ip

Model 24-1000

Model 24-2000

Model 24-4000










*)Inaccuracy in the current measurement Ip+/- 2%.

**) Range of potential measurement Ep: (0,3/-3,0)[V].

***) Inaccuracy in the measurement of potential Ep: +/- 1%.

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