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Potentiostat – Galvanostat

The ATLAS 1131 EU set is a precise five-electrode device that allows the measurement of chrono-volt-amperometric curves and impedance spectra of electrochemical systems.


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Potentiostat – Galvanostat ATLAS 1131 EU is a precise five-electrode instrument intended for laboratory work, which measures chrono-volt-amperometric characteristics of electrochemical systems, by stimulating of signals from programming voltage generator.

The instrument is equipped with a programming signals generator.

Device functions

  • Five-electrode potentiostat/galvanostat::
    – measuring of potential of a working electrode,
    – measurement of an auxiliary electrode potential.
  • Temperature measurement of the measuring cell coupled with chrono-volt-amperometric measurements.
  • Measurement of the parameters of two external devices coupled with chrono-volt-amperometric measurements.
  • Chrono-volt-amperometric experiments:
    – measurements of free potential versus time,
    – polarization of a sample by a constant potential or current versus time,
    – linear change of potential or current at defined rise time and a target value,
    – step change of potential,
    – possibility to define established stimulating signals,
    – possibility of multiple repetitions of the experiment.
  • Possibility of combining different experiments in a single measurement process.
  • Possibility of termination of the experiment when additional conditions are fulfilled, eg:
    – exceeding the value of potential Ew or current Ipol of tested object,
    – reaching the maximum duration of the experiment,
    – exceeding of value of temperature or voltage from external devices.
  • Ability to visualize the measurements in charts.
  • Ability to select coordinates of the chart.
  • Ability to save the results to a file.

Technical data

Linear operating range of the test electrode± 10 V
Auxiliary electrode voltage range± 22 V / ± 28 V / ± 36 V
Maximum current of tested electrode± 2 A
Maximum current measurement resolution0,1 pA
Current measurement ranges200 pA to 2 A
The rate of change of programming voltage, in range0,001 to 1000 mV/s
Sample rate of voltmeter20.000 samples/s
Temperature measurement range-50 °C to +150 °C
Voltage measurement range of external devices± 10 V

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Technical data – ATLAS 1131 EU

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